Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Double canister!

                   Hello all! Here are some photos of my newly finished artillery units.

I have gone with 12lb Confederate Napoleons. If you look closely at the muzzle of the cannon it does not flair out like its Union counterpart. Both units are from Sash and Saber castings.

Well hope you all enjoy the photos. Up next will be the 22nd Alabama Inf. Until then enjoy the upcoming holidays and keep the paint flying.


  1. Looking good Rob! I'll have to get some more figs cleaned and based this weekend to make sure I keep up.


  2. I found your title to be offensive and an outright lie. Johnny Reb could never afford to shoot double canister. :)

    Other than that I am very jealous that your guns are done and the bases look great. I look forward to cranking out my 3 guns but I promised myself 3 regiments have to be completed before I can paint the fun stuff. My Zouaves have been very time consuming but they are going to look cool.

  3. Those are very nice indeed. As well as the painting, I really like the deep bases and the groundwork.


  4. Hey! In the last picture you see one guy getting ready to grab the Trail spike while the #4 man is going to pull the lanyard any second! Get oughtta there! He's going to get knocked down by the recoiling Napoleon.

    Shame on you. You need to re-trained those men. OSHA is going to get after them for safety violations for sure. ;)

    Nice job for sure.


  5. Thanks guys! Don I know the guys need OSHA training :).If we want to get super technical both teams are missing their #2 man. Another team is missing the #3 man etc. I'll just chalk it up to lack of manpower LOL. Joe sorry you have taken offense to my title. You need to think of it in terms of rebel math. Two guns equals two shots hence DOUBLE CANISTER! :)