Thursday, November 17, 2011

You can never find a good staff officer when you need him.

There are quite a few nice models out there to represent various British Generals (and other ranks) and quite a few of those lovely models are from Alan and Michael Perry. One thing I have noticed, however, is there is an alarming absence of handy Staff Officers and ADCs to assist the commanders in the execution of their commands. Amongst the Perry French range you can find more packs of commanders, staff officers, hangers on than you can find artillery pieces! Not so for our poor British officers. Seems like Wellington was forced to write down his own orders and ride them off himself to his various sub-commanders. Surely not.

Anyway, this has inspired me to place an order for a variety of command packs from various ranges that I can then tweak a bit with head swaps and greenstuffed accoutrements to create some cool bases for the four Brigade commanders and one Divisional Commander I'll be painting up for our Guns of April game at Adepticon next year. I love the two officers at the table writing orders in the pack above. They'll no doubt make it on to the Division commander's base.

I love the horse holder, pointing officer, and rider about to leave with orders from this Dutch-Belgian pack above. They'll probably be spread across a few bases.

And Prince Bernhard of Saxe-Weimer (above center) will be on a base with the ADC mounting up next to him, suitably adapted to a "British in the Peninsula" style.

Oh, and the order will have a box of the new Perry Hussars in it, to be painted up as the 1st Hussars of the KGL.

I'm looking forward to getting started on all this over winter : )


Monday, November 7, 2011

An update from Brigade Chemineau

6th Leger 1st Bn Command
 So it has been a little while since the French have had an update and I wanted to post some of my experimentation on the Leger (Light Infantry).  As you can see above I have my first command models done for the first base of Leger.  It has been slow going with many side projects taking priority.

One of the many inspirational units I am drawing from

I will take a moment here and explain how I want to set up my portion of our project.  As you can see just above here is a unit painted by the talented Dave Imrie.  When I first saw this I thought, "That is how the French should look on the battlefield!".  Needless to say the quest is on.  I have procured all of my models needed for this project and will be trying to capture the feel of the models above.

I intend to base one unit of my Leger in marching rank and file.  This is the one I have started work on.  The 2nd BN of Leger will be similar to what you see above.  Muskets at the charge and ready to crash into the "Thin Red Line".  I will also do something similar to my Ligne or Line Infantry.  Also I intend to dirty up my boys with a bit of pigments.

If you do any research on the Battle of Salamanca you will find that the two armies marched for days in a constant game of cat and mouse. Sometimes the armies would be within a stones throw distance from each other.  And of course, the night before the battle was a severe thunderstorm.  Later thought to be a good omen for Wellington before his major engagements.

One of my Line Officers
Well that's enough out of me this evening.  I will get some more of the 6th Leger, 1st BN finished up and on its way to you lads!