Monday, November 7, 2011

An update from Brigade Chemineau

6th Leger 1st Bn Command
 So it has been a little while since the French have had an update and I wanted to post some of my experimentation on the Leger (Light Infantry).  As you can see above I have my first command models done for the first base of Leger.  It has been slow going with many side projects taking priority.

One of the many inspirational units I am drawing from

I will take a moment here and explain how I want to set up my portion of our project.  As you can see just above here is a unit painted by the talented Dave Imrie.  When I first saw this I thought, "That is how the French should look on the battlefield!".  Needless to say the quest is on.  I have procured all of my models needed for this project and will be trying to capture the feel of the models above.

I intend to base one unit of my Leger in marching rank and file.  This is the one I have started work on.  The 2nd BN of Leger will be similar to what you see above.  Muskets at the charge and ready to crash into the "Thin Red Line".  I will also do something similar to my Ligne or Line Infantry.  Also I intend to dirty up my boys with a bit of pigments.

If you do any research on the Battle of Salamanca you will find that the two armies marched for days in a constant game of cat and mouse. Sometimes the armies would be within a stones throw distance from each other.  And of course, the night before the battle was a severe thunderstorm.  Later thought to be a good omen for Wellington before his major engagements.

One of my Line Officers
Well that's enough out of me this evening.  I will get some more of the 6th Leger, 1st BN finished up and on its way to you lads!


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