Monday, October 31, 2011

Based in Spain

With a bit of hobby activity going on amongst "The Guns of April" crew, I've been asked to post up my recipe for my Napoleonic bases.

The Battle of Salamanca was fought on a fairly dry and dusty plain in Spain in the middle of summer. As such I decided (a long while ago) that the bases needed to be quite light, reflecting the dry feel of the area. As I've just finished off my 5th Ca├žadores unit (above), I figured they were as good a candidate as any to demonstrate the treatment.

Here are my five steps for "Peninsular Basing" success (from left to right):

1. Basecoat everything with Calthan Brown (GW)
2. Drybrush with Bubonic Brown (GW)
3. Drybrush with Dark Sand (Vallejo, similar to GW's Bleached Bone)
4. Drybrush with Pale Sand (Vallejo, similar to a mix of GW's Bleached Bone and Skull White)
5. Paint the edges with Calthan Brown and glue on clumps of Late Summer Buffalo Grass (Silflor, available in the US from Scenic Express)

Hopefully this little post will keep us all on the same track for our basing ; )



  1. A very useful step-by-step, and a nice method overall - perfect for the Peninsula War!


  2. Hello Dave,

    I follow your blog and have to say that it´s very useful and nice. I am very pleased with this article, i am spanish, and my born city is Salamanca, the paint tutorial is very accurate jejeje. Thx for it.

    I made a post in my blog about this tutorial, i have mentioned your blog and post as the original. I expect it seems ok for you. This is the link:

    Greetings from Spain