Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome to our little blog!

The 79th Regiment of Foot (Cameron Highlanders) ready for action!

Welcome, one and all, to our very first post on this blog! The first of vary many, we hope.

What's all this about? Well, rather than hash over it again, I'm going to guide you to the "About THE GUNS OF APRIL" box in the right column. That'll give you the basics.

Essentially though, we're a group of veteran wargamers (with closing in on 100 years of wargaming experience between us), but we're all relative newcomers to the world of Napoleonic wargaming. Drawn by the wonderful tales and colorful uniforms, we've decided to stay and put our best foot forward... by presenting a Napoleonic battle at an event we all love, AdeptiCon (held every year in April in the Chicagoland area, IL, USA)

In later posts I'll go into the reasons behind our choice of this battle, but for now I'll leave you with the British Order of Battle (for Black Powder) for this epic project. Units listed in bold are currently completed, units listed in red will be painted by my partner in crime Jamie Wellings, and units in italics will be painted by me.

BRITISH - Campbell's Guards Division, supported by Alten's Light Division 
and cavalry from Le Marchant and Anson's Brigades

First Brigade (Joint Brigade, Femor & Von Lowe)
• 1/Coldstream Guards (Large unit - 36)
• 1/3rd Guards (Large Unit - 36)
• 1st KGL (24)
• 2nd KGL (24
• Company of the 5/60th Rifles (Small unit - 12)

Second Brigade (Wheatley's Brigade)
• 2/24th Foot (24)
• 2/58th Foot (24)
• 1/42nd Foot (24)
• 1/79th Foot (24)
• Company of the 5/60th Rifles (Small unit - 12)
• Foot Artillery (1 gun)

Third Brigade (Van DeLeur's Brigade from Light Division)
• 1/52nd Foot (24)
• 1/95th Rifles (24)
• 1/44th Foot (24)
• 2nd Cacadores (24)
• Horse Artillery (1 gun)

Fourth Brigade - supporting cavalry
• 3rd Dragoons (8)
• 4th Dragoons (8)
• 11th Light Dragoons (8) or 1st Hussars KGL (8)
• Horse Artillery (1 gun)

Hopefully some of the Frenchies will chime in soon with information on how their forces are progressing.

The 2nd Ca├žadores, Portugal's light infantry formation


  1. Looking forward to watching your progress. I hope it motivates me to get on with my own Waterloo project.


  2. Hi Ed

    Thanks for the encouragement, we're hoping that by putting it out there publicly, we'll be all that more determined to see it happen.

    Best of luck with your Prussians.


  3. Great stuff! Good luck to everyone on their projects. Maybe I can even make it to Adepticon this year and check out the game. I've got a few historical projects lined up myself for next year, but a little more motivation never hurts. :-)