Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Forward to AdeptiCon 2016. Citadel.

It is July 1943. Stalingrad, against all odds, has held.

In an attempt to regain the initiative, the Germans plan a major offensive. Operation Citadel will be a two-pronged attack into the Kursk salient. Hitler knows that the entire Eastern Front hangs in the balance.

But British intelligence has alerted the Soviets to the German plan and a massive defense in depth is planned. Soviet High Command, however, is still acutely aware that they have never been able to halt a German panzer breakthrough.

The Soviets gain extra time to strengthen their lines as the Germans delay the start of the offensive, waiting for more heavy Tiger tanks and the new Panthers to reach the front.

It will be the largest clash of armor ever seen. Thousands of tanks will be committed to battle. And the world will watch as the fate of the war is decided on the smoke-shrouded fields outside of a village named Prokhorovka....

The Guns of April historical gaming club plans a triumphant return to AdeptiCon in 2016 with a game of epic proportions. Using Warlord's Bolt Action Tank War supplement, the group intends to present a massive Battle of Kursk game, pitting Tiger against T-34 in a historical showdown.

Preparations have already begun and the level of enthusiasm is high. Models are ordered, Orders of Battle are being written up, and reference books are being studied. More details will follow shortly. Until then,



  1. A bold idea, how many T34's will be rolling around .

  2. I think, ideally, we should have over 50 Soviet tanks/tank hunters.

  3. This is a good review of history, where a war between germany and russia took place.

  4. Your post is very good. I like the historical review. Thanks for informed us.

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  6. I think we should have over 50 Soviet tanks/tank hunters.

  7. In light of what is happening now in the world, it is probably better that the Soviets lose the war. Reich would still fall, but then communism would have died much earlier.