Thursday, October 25, 2012

2nd Wisconsin Completed!

Finally, we can show you a truly finished regiment (note the basing and flags are in place, unlike some of those scruffy Rebs). This is the first regiment of the Iron Brigade, the 2nd Wisconsin Volunteers.

I'm very happy with how the conversions and painting has turned out. Fairly simple yet very effective stuff. Thanks go to Don Effinger for his notes on the Iron Brigade's blue piping on their collars and cuffs, as well as the blue hat cords. You'll note I haven't painted the piping or hat cords on all the models, as no doubt some wore replacement coats and had damaged hats.

Another thing to note is their haversacks/bread bags. I've painted mine in a dirty canvas color, which is not at all historically correct. History shows that these bags would have been black (although a few regiments did apparently carry white bags). I chose this warmer canvas look to add some color and warmth to the dark and cool colors already dominating the models. Purely a painters choice.

The lovely flags are from GMB Designs who do a great range of beautifully rendered banners. The only slight disappointment is that the side of the Stars & Stripes that has the regiment's battle honors stitched on to it is "covered" by the regimental flag and can only really be seen from the back. Not GMB's fault at all.

Anyway, before my colleagues start asking about the colors for the basing, here they are:

Basecoat: Vallejo Charred Brown
First drybrush: Vallejo Beige Brown
Second drybrush: Vallejo Dark Sand

Paint the edges with Vallejo Beige Brown

The grasses on top of the bases are a mix of Late Summer Buffalo grass from Silflor, Jungle and Highland Tufts from Army Painter, Meadow with flowers Assortment (also from Silflor), and then patches of static grass (I used a 50:50 mix of GW's Scorched Grass and GF9's Static Grass: Green).

I hope you like them, only another four regiments of the Iron Brigade to go ; )

Oh, and don't forget to donate to our Guns Of April Movember team as we try to raise money for raising awareness (and solving) men's health issues. You can donate at my Movember page here.



  1. What a stunning unit, fabulous work.

  2. Lovely work, Dave.

    Best wishes


  3. Dave,

    VERY nice! Impressive. I like them a lot.

    You can rest easy at night about your Haversacks. They were issued white or painted black canvass but... the white ones got dirty and greasy real quick. One soldier wrote (in the book, Si Klegg and his Pard) that after a few weeks his looked as black as the painted black ones did. It was a combination of bacon grease and everything else that had gotten wet... and mixed with the coffee and/or salt beef. *Yum* Just consider yours 'on the road to getting black after a stay in winter quarters'. Si Klegg would be proud. ;)

    On the next batch try to make the round First Corps badge a tad smaller. You can also put a few on the models left chest. Some also attached their Corps badges on the left side of the Hardee hat too.

    GMB flags are very lovely. I use them exclusively.

    If you guys are coming to Cold Wars 2013 we should get a game in. I've finished Hood's and McLaws' divisions 100%, the entire 3rd Corps with Corps artillery and scattered brigades of the 2nd and 5th Corps. We could have a massive game.


  4. These look great - very inspiring. I've got scads of the Renegade Union troops to work through and you're really motivating me. By the by, what bases are you using?



    1. Hi Bob

      For our infantry we're using 60x40mm bases (six figs to a base) and they're laser cut MDF from Gale Force 9. I'm not sure if they're available on the GF9 website, but we usually pick them up from the Battlefront stand at the HMGS East shows (Cold Wars, Historicon, and Fall In).

      Hope that helps.