Saturday, December 1, 2012

Game Markers Done!!!

Well, before I moved forward with my army I wanted to get the approval of those thread counters on color choices for the coats, trousers and canteens. So, Don, I guess this is where you come in and comment on my base colors and highlights for those items. :)  If you notice anything else please let me know so I can correct it for the rest of my army. Thanks guys.

 I used the same basing colors that Dave T. suggested but I don't have any flowers. I am also trying to decide if the skin could use one more highlight to bring out the cheek bones, nose, chin, etc.


  1. These are superb, what a great idea and result.

  2. Looks great! What miniature foundry are those from?



  3. Thanks guys. My entire army is Perry Miniatures including the casualties.

  4. Colors look fine so far. I know that period uniforms for ACW should be dark, but one more highlight on both flesh and cloth will really make these guys sing on the table top.