Monday, January 23, 2012

Vive la France

Dave is quite right that the end of 2011 was quite hectic for all of us but I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are all very excited to complete this project and showcase a really cool Napoleonic game. Many of us are very involved in the hobby industry and it is not often we get to attend a show and actually play some games. This will be a great mix of work and play at Adepticon. During my 5 week 'vacation' out of country I brought a handful of my French infantry and some horses to work on during my down time. Once I returned to my home in the U.S. I quickly set to basing the finished miniatures in the hopes that I can move on to my cavalry. I have 7 infantry to complete and about 30 backpacks so I am almost done. Here are some pictures of my finished infantry and as of today I just dull coated my first unit of 8 horses. Hopefully next week I will have some more finished miniatures to show you.  Thanks and enjoy. 

1st Battalion of the 15th Ligne needing 7 more fusiliers for completion.
2nd Battalion of the 15th Ligne

1st Battalion of the 82nd Ligne with their attached company of grenadiers.

 2nd Battalion of 82nd Ligne with a simple head swap conversion.
Batteries A & B ready for action. 

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  1. Looking good Joe! I'm excited to see your cavalry come together soon too : )