Sunday, January 22, 2012

The British Commanders stand ready.

Well it seems to have been a month since our last update! Who'd have thought it?

In our little group, however, we've had quite a bit of turmoil in our lives. 

Joe spent the last five weeks of 2011 in Vietnam. Brien bought a new house (his first) and all the joy that comes with that. My wife gave birth to our second child, which has certainly changed the dynamic of the household. And two members have been going through some medical dramas of their own.

Throughout it all we've been plugging away at our modeling tasks. Joe has been working on some cavalry, Alex has finished off some Rifles, and Jamie is about to start of the 24th Regiment of Foot.

I've been able to squeeze in a few hours here and there finishing off the command stands for the British. As I've mentioned before, a few of these models are actually from the Perry British range, but most of them are from other Perry ranges (including a few Frenchies). Some minor conversion work covered up of the uniform inconsistencies but I know there are a few still visible. Hopefully you can look past those and enjoy the simple stories in each vignette.

1st Brigade - Fermor and Von Lowe.

2nd Brigade - Wheatley.

3rd Brigade - Van DeLeur.

4th Brigade - LeMarchant.

Next post, Campbell's Divisional Command.


PS. Only three months to go!