Saturday, July 7, 2012

The South will Rise Again!

Greetings All,
           So some of you may know me and some may not. My name is Alexander Akers and I am one of the members of the Guns of April event as well as a fellow blogger and lover of history. This year I am extremely excited as to the progect that our little group will be undertaking as it is one that is very near and dear to my heart.
         I want to start off by saying what a great first post from General Pauwels of the Union forces and through respect and admiration I say "good show". When last years game ended we all sat around for about an hour or two discussing what we wanted to do for 2013 and being we had 12 months to plan/paint and prep their would be no excuse as to why we couldn't complete well anything. Through some pleasant debate the group decided upon ACW, and through a little hint and nudging from yours truely(I think as I was rather umm tired, yes lets go with tired at the time) we agreed to do a "what if" of the Battle of Gettysberg.
        Now since we didn't want to just have static forces with entrenchments and such we decided that the first day would be a great opportunity for both sides so as to have a little play with Cavalry, as well as Infantry. I knew from the start that I wanted to paint Confederates so I voiced up and the lines in the sand were drawn. Our CiC was choosen and General Delaney stepped up to lead our side to what will be our eventual victory. Knowing that I wanted to do rebs wasn't enough though and I knew of either two brigades that I would want to play as. I knew of Lou Armestads boys under Pickett, or Col.Pettigrew as he had a larger sized brigade (well more like a divison really but titled a brigade), so with that I decided on Mr. Pettigrew and began my layout.
     As per the agreement each player will have 4-5 regt's with one reg't of cavalry that we will combine into one solid formation at the outset of the battle. Will one of those Yankee's paint General Custard, well if they do this southern Gentlemen will make sure he doesn't make it to Little Big Horn, but enough for the role play as honestly this is one of my favorite time periods and I only wish I had something painted to show you all as I am chomping at the bit to get started but saddly other painting prioritys are in the way, but once July is over I will be showing a small step by step of how I paint rebs. This does not mean I will show you all of them as unlike their Northern Agressors the south didn't really have a standard uniform by this time as they lacked the ability to mass produce textiles. With that I thank you all for reading and if you have ideas toss them out there as I love getting other peoples interpetations on my work. Ones final point of note my plan is to use 100% Perry miniatures for this project and though it may cost a little more I think the final outcome will be worth the cost as I plan to hold onto these and even expand upon them in the future. With that I bid you all a fond adu and say to you "Keep Painting".


  1. Guys,
    I’m really excited about your ACW project and I’m hoping your work will inspire me to get serious about my own ACW project. Any ideas about what figures you plan on using?

  2. If I am not mistaken we have all decided to use Perry Miniatures. I know I am going exclusively Perry Miniatures and if I have time I am even going to paint up a brigade of Colored Troops. I won't be using them for this game but my long term goal is to create a Battle of the Crater themed game.