Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Year Two: Adepticon 2013 Project Announcement

"In great deeds something abides. On great fields something stays. Forms change and pass; bodies disappear, but spirits linger, to consecrate ground for the vision-place of souls.”
Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain,
Speaking at the dedication of the Monument to the 20th Maine,
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

 Armistead leapt the wall and laid his hand on the gun,
The last of the three brigadiers who ordered Pickett's brigades,
He waved his hat on his sword and "Give 'em the steel!" he cried,
A few men followed him over. The rest were beaten or dead.
Stephen Vincent Benet, John Brown’s Body

We thought that today, of all days, seemed highly appropriate to announce, publically, our next club endeavor. The fact is that we were never absolutely sure we would have a second outing, but the Salamanca project developed so smoothly and the game went so well that we felt confident about making the Guns of April battle an annual event at Adepticon. We only needed to agree, as a group, what that next project would be.

I, personally, felt very strongly about the 2013 subject and I lobbied the group in a manner that would’ve impressed Jack Abramoff. By now you’ve probably guessed the conflict I pushed for. Next year, 2013, will be the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. To me, and eventually the rest of the group agreed, the only real choice for Adepticon 2013 was an American Civil War game.

So, even as I type, we’re knee deep in planning. We are, as of now, expecting to once again use the much-beloved Black Powder rules set. We’ve mixed up the sides a little, however, and I find myself in the role of Union commander this time around. We are still working out the details of the game, but Dave T. and Joe K. have suggested another “what-if” scenario, based loosely on the First Day of Gettysburg. Since Buford’s cavalry Brigade has always been my favorite ACW formation, how could I disagree? I suspect that, in our alternate refight of this famous meeting engagement, one Colonel Stuart may not be as remiss in his duties as he was previously…

Over the next nine months we’ll be updating our progress. Each commander will go into detail on their individual forces and we will hopefully see an even greater collection of WIP images this time around. I know, for my own part, I plan on starting much earlier this year. So stay tuned.

149 years ago today General George Pickett ordered his fateful charge. It is with a real sense of historical magnitude that we’re honored to commemorate this costly and epic battle at next year’s convention.

Dave Pauwels
July 3rd, 2012


  1. Great choice for next year. Look forward to see how things develop over the coming months

  2. So pumped to see this. I'll definitely be there.

  3. Was the Iron Brigade at Gettysburg?

  4. Thanks for your enthusiasm guys, it should be a fun journey. As for the Iron Brigade, they were at Gettysburg, and saw hard fighting on Day One. In fact, they lost their commanding officer on that day. I have the privilege of painting up these renowned boys from the West.


  5. The loss of Meredith was not a big loss to the Iron Brigade. He was a bad officer and the men themselves wanted Cutler to take over instead. It was politics that won the day. :(