Monday, July 30, 2012

2nd Brigade Plastics Ready for Warpaint!!!

Since most if not all of us are starting this project from scratch, I think it is a great opportunity to show you progress photos of how our armies are coming together and maybe even the philosophy behind each of our methods. I for one will be posting updates in batches and attempting a new procedure for painting my army. I have decided to work on my miniatures in big blocks based on the types. For my first batch I decided to fully clean and assemble all of the plastic miniatures in my 'required' brigade. I have two things to note at this time. Firstly, I went through all of my plastics and only selected the soldiers that were wearing sack coats. For me this is a big identifier with the Union army. Yes, Confederate soldiers had sack coats and yes, Union soldiers had other types of coats but I wanted a more uniform look to my brigade and something that symbolized a more organized army. On a side note, I look forward to painting my own Confederate army some time in the future because it will be so hap-hazard but for now I want organization and order. Secondly, I ended up with 18 'loading' and 'firing' soldiers that have sack coats and do not belong in my brigade so whatever will I do with them? Well, I decided if I have time I will paint them up as an under strength unit of Berdan's Sharpshooters. We may use them in the game and we may not but it will be cool to have them.

What you will see below are the pictures of my five infantry regiments and my cavalry squadron. We are fielding regiments of 30 miniatures and you will notice that I only have 24 with the exception of my Zouaves. This is because I bought metal commands for all my regiments and they will be painted at a later stage. Yes, I know these pictures are not very exciting but hopefully watching them build up to fully painted and based will be a little like those action cartoons on each page in a book and when you flip them really fast the cartoon moves. I only wish I could paint that fast. :)

28th Massachusetts

88th New York

114th Pennsylvania

63rd New York

69th New York

6th New York Cavalry (horses)

6th New York Cavalry (riders)

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  1. Great to see the project grow from the start; looking forward to future updates.