Saturday, August 4, 2012

When are we gonna get the blue suits?

The next stage of my plastics are complete and I am not surprised on the amount of time the airbrush saved me during this step. I brought all my plastics into work and spent my hour lunch break on Tuesday airbrushing my troops in a navy blue. I have provided pictures but you may not be able to see a huge difference. I gave them 2 coats of paint and until they were fully dry they still looked black. I am hoping with my highlight it will begin to bring out the color and adding the powder blue pants, skin, etc. will bring them to life.

I also assembled a few stands of my extra troops and put a basecoat of green on them for Berdan's Sharpshooters. I think it looks good but for all you ACW experts please let me know if I picked the right color.

On a final note I provided a picture of the paint I use for my navy blue and this is my official cry for help. HELP! HELP! I am looking for anyone who might have this really old GW paint laying around and would be either willing to donate or sell me the paint. I haven't been able to find its equivalent in any paint range so again if anyone has any recommendations I am all ears.


28th Mass.

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Berdan's Sharpshooters


  1. Tough to see much more then a bit of a Blue or Green tinge to the minis but it is nice to see that you are under way.

    For the Deadly Nightshade I suggest looking at the Coat D'Arms range. Coat D'Arms is the old GW range renamed after GW took their paint business to a different distributor. They also happen to manufacture Privateer Press's P3 line.

    Here is a equivalent chart for Coat D'Arms vs Old GW.

  2. Very cool. Thanks for the help. Yeah, I know the pictures are not great but I am trying to post my progress at each stage. I think the next stage will be painting the trousers or the skin. Not sure.

  3. Joe,

    Buy Ceramcoat color "Midnight Blue" or their number 02114. That is the color that I use and it is dead on for Sack coats. It isn't too blue, which would be wrong. For a highlight use a medium gray mixed with the Midnight Blue. Ceramcoat comes in larger bottles (2 oz.) and is not expensive. For the sky blue trousers try GW's Shadow Grey. That is very close. I wash this with a watered-down Midnight Blue, then reestablish with the Shadow Blue and highlight that with a bit of white.... just a bit and not too much.


  4. Is Ceramcoat a craft paint? Where can you get it? I guess the only issue with that right now is I already have all of my plastics airbrushed in the Deadly Nightshade.

    Here is the approach I was going for.....

    I mixed a little green in with my highlight for the sack coats and I was really happy with the look. I also found 3 Vallejo colors that are perfect for a 3 step highlight on the trousers. Its Luftwaffe Blue and some other colors I can't remember right now.

    I emailed you a picture so you can see the direction I am going. I also have pictures of my Union campsite on my blog if you want to look at the uniforms.

  5. "Is Ceramcoat a craft paint? Where can you get it?"

    Sent to you already of course.

    "if you want to look at the uniforms."

    Yup. Very nice.