Sunday, March 24, 2013

One Step Closer to a United States

I have had a busy few weeks including a trip to Tennessee to purchase my American Civil War reenacting clothing and equipment followed by a TV filming. More information to follow........

Here are a few pictures of myself at my first day of American Civil War reenacting. We are in Resaca, GA at the site of the future Battle of Resaca to occur in May. 

A borrowed musket, cartridge box, and cap box. I am learning the drums so eventually the borrowed tools of war will not be needed. I know. I know. Too old and too fat for the drums but I have always wanted to learn a musical instrument. 

I liked this pictures showing the differences in uniforms between the sack coat and frock coat that the 1st Sgt is wearing. You may also notice the difference in blue between the coats in the foreground and the corporals coat. 

Once I put away my big boy toys it was time to pick up the brush and paint my little boy toys. 

I have been averaging about 6 completed miniatures a day and need to maintain this pace in order to finish everything in time. Not an impossible task but will challenge my mental willpower painting all this blue and black. :) 

I managed to finish one regiment of the Irish Brigade and all of my dismounted cavalry. My biggest challenge is finishing my Zouaves so I decided to tackle them this weekend. Hopefully I will have 12 done this evening and another 12 completed Monday and Tuesday night. This will leave me 2 x 30 man regiments to highlight and 1 x 24 man regiment to highlight. 

Here is 6 of the 12 dismounted cavalry. I took these pictures at different distances to see which one would look better. I am still trying to get a handle on photography. 

Here are the other 6. No I didn't just move the original 6 in different positions. I actually do have 12 fully painted dismounted cavalry. :) 

63rd NY Regiment in line marching to battle. 
Again, I just tried taking pictures at different depths to see which ones would look better. 

63rd NY Regiment in march column. 

63rd NY at a different angle. This is there good side. :) 


  1. Joe,

    You should read the book Si Klegg & his Pard. You look JUST LIKE HIM in the beginning of the war!!!



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