Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scenic Effects

I worked a half-a-day on Good Friday and decided to base all of my elements that we ready for it. I was originally going to base my entire army at the end and planned to take one full week basing my stuff. Well...........24 hours later and nearly 75% of my army has scenic effects applied to them. I was going into Friday evening with mixed feelings. First of all, I was getting quite burned out of highlighting blue and black and took the basing project as a nice break. I was worried about whether or not I would be able to complete my overall task but when I finished in an evening it excited me about completing my project. So, the 'distraction' ended up reinvigorating my willpower to finish my infantry. So, I have 18 days in which to finish highlighting 60 miniatures and base them. A very possible goal if I don't have too many life issues get in the way. Enough of the blather. Here are some pictures........

Infantry and Artillery Brigade Commander

Artillery Pieces

 Casualties - Disorder Markers

Casualties - Hit Markers

 114th PA Regiment - Zouaves - 3 of 5 stands 

63rd NY Regiment - Irish Brigade 

6th NY Cavalry

 6th NY Cavarly - Dismounted


  1. Hey Joe, that one guy must be VERY annoyed in the 114th Penn. next to the flag bearer. He's probably saying, "Hey! get that flag oughtta my face! How many times do I gitta tell ya! Hold it up straight! I can't see, ya bastard!"


  2. Yeah. Yeah. I realized that when I started basing the guys but hey if you want your regiment to have cool colors then there must be some sacrifices. :)

  3. Looking good Joe! I can't wait to see everyone's stuff on the table. See you in a few weeks buddy.