Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Conan O'Brien invades Atlanta

Now that the episode has aired, I can talk openly about the photographs I posted earlier. I recently joined a dual impression American Civil War reenactment group portraying the 28th GA and 123rd NY. They have a long history of performing in movies and TV shows so they were asked to help with the Conan O'Brien Show. The idea was Conan wanted to join the unit and see if he had the skills to become one of the few and proud reenactors. :)

I thought you would enjoy the skit and it was a fun day filming. Here is the link.


  1. Nice one Joe, glad you ended up in at least one clip ; )


  2. Yeah. It was a fun day and I didn't really care about being on TV but it was trying to find Waldo. :) I thought some of the funnier things that happened never made it in the skit. Oh well. I enjoyed the experience and Conan was a down to Earth, really nice guy so that was cool.

  3. Too bad (I imagine some funny times were lost - maybe Leno should reenactor now too since he no longer has a show but Conan does)the best part was the execution of the TV personality at the end. LOL 8-}