Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Archer's Brigade complete !

Well its been about six months since I was asked to join this little adventure called The Guns Of April and I must say could not be happier with the experience. Below is the finished product of Archers Brigade. I know there are a lot of final photos but I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed painting them!

 I wanted to represent the 14th Tennessee taking mass casualties because of the major losses that they took at Gettysburg. I hope the above photo translates well with the majority of the color company being cut down as they marched, and the brave few in the rear rank trying to keep the colors from hitting the ground.

 Again another view of the 14th Tennessee color company being cut down in the above photo.

Well there it is in all of its glory, the completed Archer's Brigade. I hope you all have enjoyed following my little portion of this project as well as following the excellent work from all of my other teammates. Id like to thank everyone for all of the positive feedback on our project and to future projects that will be coming down the pike. Again, I hope you all have enjoyed this years progess thus far and until next year keep the paint flying



  1. Rob! Beautiful! They are really a perfect little collection of toy soldiers; nicely organized, nicely based, neatly painted... Perfect job! Can't wait to see photos of the big shindig!

  2. Rob,

    Your stuff looks really good and all of the casualties give it some real flavor. I look forward to seeing it live. I am hoping to put my finishing touches on my brigade this weekend.

    See you soon.

  3. Thanks guys! I'm glad you all like them. See you next week Joe. I can't wait to get this game going.

  4. The look and feel of this brigade is very effective. Superb.
    Thanks for sharing,