Sunday, December 11, 2011

What to quaff whilst we play?

From the start of this project we've talked about drinking some fine port whilst we play out our Battle of Salamanca. No doubt port would have been the tipple of choice of the officers in the Anglo-Portuguese army, what with them fighting so close to Oporto and all. (Although now that I've said that, please feel free to correct me).

Anyway, my mother visited us recently and brought the above bottle of 2003 Decompression Port all the way from Australia. You can only get this from the Divers Luck cellar door, about 30 minutes north of Newcastle, NSW. I've loved this port ever since I first tasted it there in 2003. This is one of several bottles that have made the trip halfway around the world over the years.

I'm hoping my fellow "Guns" enjoy it come April ; )