Thursday, December 8, 2011

Commanders starting to take shape

My order of Perry Miniatures "staff officer" models came in early this week. In an attempt to regain a bit of sanity (following the birth of my second daughter), I quickly cobbled together a few command base vignettes. I still haven't set my lights back up after our Thanksgiving party, so these were shot on the fly with my phone, my apologies for the lack of crisp detail. 

First Brigade Commanders: Here we have Von Lowe (mounted) and Femor (mounting up), the joint commanders of our First Brigade in the battle. In reality they each commanded a brigade as part of the Guards Division. I'll be adding a horseholder to this vignette, keeping Femor's horse steady while he mounts up.

Second Brigade Commander: On the right is Wheatley, commander of another brigade in the Guards Division (this one including two Highlander regiments - the 42nd and 79th). On his base are to ADCs, one handing off a packet of orders to the other (mounted). I've already switched out the original headwear of these three models, giving two of them the ubiquitous bicorne, whilst the other sports a shake that marks him out as an officer of a Light Infantry company seconded to Wheatley's staff.

Third Brigade Commander: And finally, for the moment, we have Van DeLeur (mounted) on the left, looking through his telescope towards a threat indicated by another staff officer on foot. Next to them sits an officer of the Royal Horse Artillery waiting to guide the fire of the batteries accompanying this brigade from the Light Division.

As most of these models are from Perry ranges other than the British, there are a few changes I need to make to their uniforms. Primarily it's the head swaps (done), followed by adding officer sashes, sword belts, and the occasional altered jacket style.

Until next time!



  1. Hey Dave,

    Long time fan of your work since the old Aus WD days. Just started my own Prussian 28mm force (Liberation Wars or 100 Days i can't decide yet!).

    Anyhow what bases do you use for your figs? I like how your infantry is based with the larger rims rather then bases that sit flat (GW made me that way i suppose :P)

    What frontage do you use per soldier? 15mm? I've heard that's fairly standard?

  2. Hi Zoring

    Actually all of my bases (apart from the ones for my commanders) are laser cut MDF. A while back the guys at Gale Force 9 started to bring MDF offcuts turned into bases along to conventions they were selling at. Now they are available in a lot of sizes and at all shows that Battlefront goes to (now that they own GF9). Not sure how best to go about getting something similar in Australia though, apart from cutting them yourself. There might be other options I'm not aware of.

    I think the standard seems to be 20mm per man (or four models to a 40x40mm base). My "Napoleonic gaming group" decided at the start that we wanted to put 6 figures on a 50x50mm base, as it helps the ranks look a bit more full and 2 cavalry models fit well on matching 50x50.

    As we started out basing our models for the game Lasalle, we were focused on number of bases (either 4 or six per unit) and units look better with 24-36 models than 16-24, in my opinion.

    I hope that helps, and best of luck with your Prussians. Always remember, models look better when surrounded by many more of their friends (ie, big armies look better than single units) and that will help you through all that painting.


  3. I have to really find out what the local scene is in termsu of their rules, with 40mm i could always use GW/Resin ones plenty of companies doing them.

    Anyhow, thank you for your quick and comprehensive reply, i agree, the more men the better! Congratulations on your healthy child as well.