Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March on Soldier(s)

After falling ill last November I wasn't entirley sure whether I would even make Adepticon let alone complete my required units of British for the big Salamanca game.  But, the beauty of a group project, espeically with great guys like the ones involved here, is people are ready and able to step up and help you out.  So, most of my painting tasks went to some newly aquired recruits and I can't thank them and the core group enough for picking up my slack. 

Well, a couple of months ago I realized I was recovering well and not only did I set a goal to play in the game at Adepticon I really wanted to challenge myself to complete at least one unit. Completing this unit and playing at Adepticon are really going to be benchmarks for me as I get back to my old self.

Starting this week I finally put together my unit of the 24th Foot for the British side.  I'm using Perry plastic British Line Infantry and, as usual, their models are just superb.  I was very fortunate to have the able guidance and advice of Dave Taylor in assembling this unit as I'm a complete noob when it comes to Napoleonics.  After a short Skype call with Dave I had the basics of what a center company should entail (who knew all the subtle differences!) and this week I set to work on putting it together. The one challenge I faced was the variety of poses possible with this plastic kit.  Looking at lots of source references for these models, like the Black Powder book and others, I had the small delima of going with very regimented and repetitive poses or going with some fun and asthetic ones.  Well, I'm a painter and hobbyist first and foremost so the fun and asthetic side won that battle!  The first three "test" models are on my painting stands and the other 21 are assembled and ready to go.  My plan is to paint them before basing since they'll be packed tight on the final bases (which looks cool in my opinion).  So stay tuned for the first pictures of a completed stand #1.

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  1. Great to have you back in the trenches with us. Looking forward to seeing what kind of magic you do with these guys and seeing the end result in 2 months!