Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leger almost there

I'm helping out our French players by jumping in and painting up a couple of battalions. Above is the almost completed 1st Battalion of the 31st Leger. I decided to break with the darker trousers for the drummer, so that he'll stand out nicely from the crowd (easier for the officer to spot him in the swirling melee).

And then there's this 2nd Battalion of the 69th Ligne (sans white fanion). I'm very happy to have painted everyone out of their greatcoats, especially as painting greatcoated French is so much easier to do. I guess I'll have to use all the greatcoats for my next battalion.

As I was enjoying painting these French battalions, I was laying out an article for Wargames Illustrated on the Swiss troops who were in Napoleon's service. They sounded interesting, as does the Polish Vistula Legion. Both the Swiss and Poles had troops that served in the Peninsular, and in the Russian Campaign of 1812. So, I've been thinking a few units of those might be next on the painting table.

I must now admit I've definitely fallen far down the Napoleonic rabbit hole!



  1. Those are lovely! I very much like the painting and mix of poses in the Leger.

    Napoleonics are terribly compelling subjects...


  2. Beautiful painting! These are very impressive!

  3. These do look wonderfully tempted; such variety in the poses. Excellent work all round.

  4. Very eye catching finish.