Thursday, March 8, 2012

A small update from Brigade Chemineau

Horse Artillery lining up their sights
 So I decided to give a little update on Brigade Chemineau's progress on the week.  I know it has been slow going but I have not stopped.

Above is the one Horse Artillery from my portion of the army. Fully finished and ready to go! Hooray!

The Legere are almost finished
And here we have my slow moving Legere.  Believe me when I tell you I have others I am working on and not just these guys.  But I have a question for you all.  As you can see there is one base of six men missing still.  That is because I am at an impasse and could use a little feedback.

Grenadiers or Voltigeurs?

This fourth base is typically a Grenadier base. But seeing as this is light infantry, it could also be a Voltigeur base.  So I am asking you, the reader of this post, what you would like to see? Above is a picture of the two.  So your feedback would be appreciated!



  1. If the only difference is the colours I pray you remember this fact, no team has ever won the World Cup dressed in green.

  2. If you are only going to do one or the other I would go for the Grenadiers.

  3. Been a complete Philistine about these period I'm going to say Voltigeurs just because I like the colour of the 'bobble'!

  4. Paint both; go 6 companies! :-) Very nice work.


  5. Do the Voltigeurs. Never be typical :)