Monday, March 26, 2012

Cavalry and Polo's

Progress is slow but steady. I continue to work on my cavalry and as of this evening I managed to get 8 Dragoons base coated and 'dipped'. They will be dull coated tomorrow and the highlighting will begin. I have the remaining 4 Dragoons about 60% base coated with another 14 Dragoons with some basic colors. When I need a break from all this cavalry I have been cranking out backpacks for my fully painted infantry. 12 backpacks are done and glued on with another 27 left to go. I am really looking forward to seeing everything done and on the battlefield. Here are some pictures of my progress.

On a side note, I received our polo shirts for the crew playing the game and thought they would be cool to show everyone. We designed the shirts so we could wear them from year to year regardless of the theme or historical time period we choose. You will notice a hazy look in between the letters. That is just part of the screening that needs to be removed. 


  1. Looking good (and the Polo shirt looks good too!)

  2. Very nicely done; I've got to say that there is something rather splendid about them in their 'shiny' coats! It seems almost a shame to dull coat them.

  3. Joe, the dragoons are looking good, which dip are you using on them? It seems more subtle than the stuff I was using, in a good way here.

  4. The shiny coat brings me back to the days of really old toy soldiers but it is hard for me to accept them as done miniatures. I tried painting a Warhammer 40,000 army in a semi-gloss coat (Tau) and it looked ok. I ended up dull coating the army and they looked really good so I was forever sold on dull coating.

    The dip I used was the dark shade (darkest one). I think it may be losing some of its umpf as it slowly begins to harden in its container. I spend about 2-3 minutes mixing it before I use it so that may also contribute to the lighter look.

  5. Looking good! I know how stressful it can be to finish everything in time for a show, so I can feel for you!