Friday, January 18, 2013

Hey Boys!!!! I think there are shoes in those barns!!!

The group recently started discussing the table layout and we all ran for our closets to see what was lurking in the boxes of hobby stuff. I came across my 'scenery' box and pull out some gems. They were really dusty and unpainted but after a couple of hours and a fresh coat of paint we have some buildings to fight over. This was a slight diversion from my army but a great game starts with a good looking table and I wanted to contribute to the build out this year. Last year Dave and I with some additional help from Brien, Chris and Becky were cranked out a cool table. This year I am on independent ops in Atlanta, GA so I volunteered to paint some buildings and was asked to paint some fences. They are next on the list of things to do.

I can't wait to see the table once everything is done. Enjoy the pics. I now officially have more finished buildings than I do Union troops. Uh oh!!!!!

This are both resin buildings but I couldn't tell you who the manufacturer is. Maybe Hovel.

This barn is a biscuit foam building and once again I couldn't tell you the manufacturer. Maybe Hudson and Allen or Old Glory.



  1. Joe,

    In the first pic the barn is JR and I think the house is as well. I'm not sure of the second one. It doesn't look familiar to me.

    The paint jobs are very good!