Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brigade Chemineau begins to take shape...

13th Chasseurs

As you can see I have been a bit busy with Brigade Chemineau.  I can not take all of the credit.  The above unit was painted by none other than Mr. Dave Taylor.  Proof that in his heart, he loves the French and wishes them victory in this endeavor!  Why else would he paint the dreaded 13th Chasseurs?  Aside from the fact he wants our Port Wine and Brandy!  I did manage to paint the Commander of the unit however!

1st Battalion, 6th Legere

Here is a never before seen unit. The 1st Battalion of the 6th Legere. Since they are the first they have the Eagle.  And I wanted them to appear like they would be the best.  These models have a bit more character than the standard plastics.  When you think of the British in Napoleonics, you think of "the thin red line".  And when you think of the French, you can't help but think of columns of troops in attack formation.  The drums beating the pas des charge.  The muskets with their bayonets at the charge.  Ready to fire a quick volley and press the attack home.  Crushing the enemy with the weight of the French attack column! Slaughtering their enemies. Making them break and flee like the cowardly scum that they are! Pour l'empereur! Pour la France! Pour la victoire!

2nd Battalion, 6th Legere

Sorry.  I am getting a big carried away with the pride I feel for my fellow French Players and this army we have created (with the help of some of the traitorous Brits)!

Finally we have the unit you have seen plenty of, but not in it's final glory as it is now!  The 2nd Battalion of the 6th Legere.

We have roughly 15 more days to get work done.  And I have 35 more models to complete.  The 1st Batallion of the 69th Ligne, the 3rd Hussars, and Foy along with his command.  And maybe some Dragoons.

Jusqu'à la prochaine fois mes amis!


  1. Although not an era that I'm overly family with, it is certainly difficult to knock the splendour of these wonderful units. Good luck with the deadline.

  2. Very good work! The second bataillon is my preferee!