Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What we need is a little leadership!

The Command for Brigade Chemineau
 And we got some!  2 more bases of Brigade Commanders that is!  Both bases pictured here are painted by Dave Taylor once again.  Lending his hand to ensure the British will be crushed under the hooves of the finest cavalry in the world!

Cavalry Command from Boyer and Curto's Cavalry Divisions
 Dave grabbed these guys from me one evening and finished them off in a week before turning them back over to myself.  I got the based up and ready to roll the other night.  The gears are turning and the painting is steadily moving along!

The beginnings of the 3rd Hussars
 Hmm, I am seeing a pattern here.  The 3rd Hussars are in full swing as far as painting goes.  Again, Dave threw in with the victors and painted up the horses, leaving the blue gray of the 3rd to my discretion.  The trooper is not done yet but it gives you an idea of the uniform.

1st Battalion of the 69th Ligne
And I just had to put this guy in there.  My last battalion of infantry for the project.  I think his facial expression sums it all up! I love his snarling look.

Tonight I finished up the flesh tones on all of the infantry and Foy's command base.  Not up to my normal standard but definitely good enough for the table top.  The tiny black lines are in place for the eyes.  And things are progressing nicely!  All in all, for my portion of this project I have 36 models on my painting table.  And 8 more working days to go.  As much as I may stress in the final days.  I love this stuff!

More to come!