Monday, March 26, 2012

Cavalry and Polo's

Progress is slow but steady. I continue to work on my cavalry and as of this evening I managed to get 8 Dragoons base coated and 'dipped'. They will be dull coated tomorrow and the highlighting will begin. I have the remaining 4 Dragoons about 60% base coated with another 14 Dragoons with some basic colors. When I need a break from all this cavalry I have been cranking out backpacks for my fully painted infantry. 12 backpacks are done and glued on with another 27 left to go. I am really looking forward to seeing everything done and on the battlefield. Here are some pictures of my progress.

On a side note, I received our polo shirts for the crew playing the game and thought they would be cool to show everyone. We designed the shirts so we could wear them from year to year regardless of the theme or historical time period we choose. You will notice a hazy look in between the letters. That is just part of the screening that needs to be removed. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Operation Paint Cavalry is under way

The past couple of weeks have been very exciting for me both personally and hobby related. I recently undertook the largest cavalry painting project in my hobby existence. Yes, I know some people will laugh at the fact that I am only painting 26 cavalry and some mounted officers but I really had some bad experiences painting and playing with cavalry units so I have managed to avoid them up until this point. I was working on assembling the 26 dragoons this past week and I started painting them this weekend. Hopefully I will have at least 6-12 dragoons ready to dip before I go to bed with the rest falling into line by next weekend. In between painting backpacks and some casualties I was painting up the horses. Here are some pictures of my progress as of a few minutes before posting this article. Enjoy.

 The pictures above are of my brigade commander. Commanders are Perry Miniatures and the base was supplied by Dragon Forge Designs.
 8 of my horses are done and based. I have another 8 that need highlighting and another 8 that need to be dull coated and highlighted.
Here are the elite 15th Dragoons. I have found no evidence that they wore their bearskins in the Peninsula and more than likely they didn't but they look cool. Sometimes cool trumps historical accuracy. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leger almost there

I'm helping out our French players by jumping in and painting up a couple of battalions. Above is the almost completed 1st Battalion of the 31st Leger. I decided to break with the darker trousers for the drummer, so that he'll stand out nicely from the crowd (easier for the officer to spot him in the swirling melee).

And then there's this 2nd Battalion of the 69th Ligne (sans white fanion). I'm very happy to have painted everyone out of their greatcoats, especially as painting greatcoated French is so much easier to do. I guess I'll have to use all the greatcoats for my next battalion.

As I was enjoying painting these French battalions, I was laying out an article for Wargames Illustrated on the Swiss troops who were in Napoleon's service. They sounded interesting, as does the Polish Vistula Legion. Both the Swiss and Poles had troops that served in the Peninsular, and in the Russian Campaign of 1812. So, I've been thinking a few units of those might be next on the painting table.

I must now admit I've definitely fallen far down the Napoleonic rabbit hole!


Monday, March 12, 2012

The 95th Rifles

Greetings All,
        Well until now I have stayed somehwat in the shadows on this progect as life has been crazy, but I am ready to show you all the first of my two regt's that will be taking the field at Adepticon in April for the side of King George! Now I actually finished these about a month or two back but again life was busy so it took a while to get pictures of them and then get posting about that so I do apologize. Since this was the first time I have painted Napoleonics in over 15 years I wanted to try something new and used the army painter green  as the base coat.
I apologize for the picture but the close shots weren't comming out well. As Far as the army painter I would say if I was going to dip the army and shoot for a basic quality it would be ok but I think for my painting style it wasn't the best choice but thats ok. Overall I am looking forward to this and may even expand the brits into a brigade as normally I am a French fan but hey we all have roles to play:). Overall I am extremely excited for this and I look forward to what is in the works for Adepticon 11.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A small update from Brigade Chemineau

Horse Artillery lining up their sights
 So I decided to give a little update on Brigade Chemineau's progress on the week.  I know it has been slow going but I have not stopped.

Above is the one Horse Artillery from my portion of the army. Fully finished and ready to go! Hooray!

The Legere are almost finished
And here we have my slow moving Legere.  Believe me when I tell you I have others I am working on and not just these guys.  But I have a question for you all.  As you can see there is one base of six men missing still.  That is because I am at an impasse and could use a little feedback.

Grenadiers or Voltigeurs?

This fourth base is typically a Grenadier base. But seeing as this is light infantry, it could also be a Voltigeur base.  So I am asking you, the reader of this post, what you would like to see? Above is a picture of the two.  So your feedback would be appreciated!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The 24th: The Race Is On!

Just a quick update on the progress of my unit for the British.  I finished my first stand minus basing and can't be more excited.  I don't think this is my best work by far but time is of the essence so I'll have to let some things go (for now at least).  6 down, 18 to go and 44 days remaining. This is going to be close.