Thursday, January 30, 2014

For England, for home, and for the prize!

Well folks here we are back again. Presenting our projects for the 2014 installment of the Guns of April ! As you all have seen we are covering skirmish sized warbands for Napoleon in Egypt. Unlike last year where I posted numerous photos of the ACW project over many months, I decided to just make one post due to the smaller scope of this project.

For this years project I have the privalge to present you with my take on a British Royal Navy landing party with a detachment of  Royal Marines. Below are some shots of the landing parties and Marines. The miniatures I used this year were from a few manufacturers. The Royal Navy officers and Jack Tars are from Brigade Games. The Royal Marines are a combo of Perry Miniatures plastic British Line Infantry with white metal Royal Marine heads from Victrix LTD. 

I hope you enjoy the photos and until next time. Keep the paint flying!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

French Infantry Warband

Even though we've been a bit quiet lately, I know that all the members of the Guns Of April have been preparing for the "Napoleon in Egypt" game at AdeptiCon 2014. Here are the French Infantry models I've been working on over the last couple of months.

Above are a pair of grenadiers flanking a sergeant from the 69me Demi-Brigade de Ligne. The grenadiers are from Victrix, the sergeant is the dismounted Dromedary standard bearer from Brigade Games.

Here are three fusiliers from the 69me Demi-Brigade de Ligne, from Brigade Games' range of excellent  Napoleonic miniatures.

Here are three chasseurs from the 22me Demi--Brigade de Legere

Three of the four French savants from Brigade. Excellent miniatures that will be very handy in our games. The fourth savant will end up on a vignette I'm planning to give away on the night : )

And six French sailors. Four of these are from Brigade's Napoleonic range, and the other two (rear center and rear right) are from a Victorian range by Brigade, but they certainly fit in.

And here's a look at all of the French Infantry I've painted up so far. These will be good for at least two Infantry warbands in our AdeptiCon gaming.

I hope you like them : )