Friday, December 5, 2014

Raising The Regiments

Adepticon is only 4 months away so it's time to get this project up to speed.  For me, my first task was to re-base my existing Royalists units and add a few models to flesh out some under strength units.  My one fully complete unit was my regiment of Rubert's Bluecoats.  The only thing missing is another sleeve of 12 shot.  These are all primed and should come along quickly.

My artillery expanded with the addition of a second cannon (A Saker to be exact).  If time permits, I may add a mortar as well.

What would a Royalist force be without some dashing Cavaliers.  Considering my force will be led by Prince Rupert I have to make sure to have lots of well dressed gentlemen in my cavalry brigade.

 Finally, I had originally painted this unit with the thoughts of making it Lord Goring's foot.  Since this regiment was not involved at Marston Moor, my plan is to find a substitute regiment for these models to represent.  One of the nice things about gaming the English Civil War period is that uniforms are not always standard other than some unifying color and many units tended to dress alike, on both side of the war.  A problem for the fighting men of the period but something that makes building a historical regiment a little easier for the miniature gamer.

All the models above are from Old Glory and I have some additional primed models I can use to add my missing sleeve of shot for Rubert's Bluecoats as well as a unit of mounted Dragoons.  Those are next on the painting table.  After that, I'll be moving on to the plastic models I have from the Warlord Games range.  My hope is that keeping similar manufacturers lines in separate units/regiments will help deal with any scale issues that might be visible.  I guess we'll see.