Thursday, September 25, 2014

For King and Country

I was very disappointed about missing Adepticon in 2014 but it was for a very good reason. Now that I am back on schedule I was fully behind our 2015 project representing the English Civil War and the Battle of Marston Moor. I was very eager to defend the righteous King from the upstart Fairfax, Cromwell and the Parliament dogs. This is my first go at collecting and painting an ECW army but one thing I wanted to be sure of was to keep things very simple. My painting responsibility includes the following:

3x units of 16 pike
6x units of 24 shotte
2x units of 12 cavalry
1x unit of 10 Dragoons
1x unit of 12 Cuirassiers
1x cannon
1x General
2x Brigade Generals

Lots to paint and March is just around the corner. Here is my first progress report. I am base coating my army, giving them a wash of the Army Painter 'dip', and hitting them with a dull coat. If I have time I will go back in and give them a highlight but overall I am happy with the look 'as is'. They won't win any painting competitions but they will look fine on the table.

1st unit of pike done with the exception of a banner.

16 shotte done but the back base needs some sand, flock, etc. I will be adding a command stand eventually.

The first 8 of my next 16 pike are done. The command stand is almost base coated and ready for the 'dip'.

A sample of my next Tercio of pike and shotte. I am aware that units from all over England, Ireland, and Scotland had their own colors and there were no uniforms until the New Model Army but I wanted blue to be my color that brings my army together. I will continue to use it as the main color and accent color of my units so there is a consistency to my force. Historically accurate? Probably not but it will be close enough. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Roundheads, Cavaliers and Covenanters

I came to our game at Adepticon 2014, ready to discuss ideas for our 2015 event.  I had already mentioned to the group my own interest in the English Civil War, but assumed it wouldn't hold much interest for others, as I haven't encountered a lot of folks who game the period.  Yet, I was pleasantly surprised to find many in our group to be fans of the period and others more than willing to give it a go.

So, 2015 will see us recreate The Battle of Marston Moor in 28mm.  For me, I couldn't be more excited.  ECW was my first foray into historical miniature gaming and probably due to that, it has always been a favorite period for me.

So, stay tuned as we bring you updates of the groups progress as well as more information on the period and the battle itself.  And of course, check out the finished project at Adepticon 2015!

The Battle of Marston Moor