Friday, September 13, 2013

My goodness, it's hot in here!

You could certainly be forgiven for thinking that we've all been on an extended summer vacation. Some of us did manage to escape for a bit, while others have been reveling in the joy that is new parenthood. Anyway, as the weather starts to turn cooler, we're about to turn our efforts back to preparations for Adepticon 2014!

Next year, the Guns of April efforts will be split (or doubled, depending on how you look at it) between two projects. The first is one that is led by Joe Krone, a man working on his first set of published rules for fighting in Eighteenth-Century North America. When Joe is ready, he'll jump in with what the project is all about.

The second project (led by yours truly) is all about skirmish battles in the streets of Alexandria, Egypt, in 1800 (or thereabouts). Inspired by a great article by Steve Dake on the Rosetta Stone published in WI294, I've conned Steve into writing even more for us, and worked with him on creating warbands (or "parties") for the turbulent time surrounding the discovery of the Rosetta Stone (and countless other antiquities).

Above you can see the start of my French Dromedary Corp party. Soon, very soon, they'll have camels too!

We've worked up eight party lists to be used with the Legends of the High Seas rules (from Warhammer Historical, and based on the Lord of The Rings rules). These lists are:

• Dromedary Corp
• Infantry
• Cavalry
• Royal Navy
• Army
• Egyptians
• Ottoman Turks
• Mamelukes

I'm thinking that as we progress through this project I should post the lists to solicit feedback for you guys. What do you think?